The Power of Gratitude: 5 Small Tips for a Happier Life

Gratitude is a positive emotion that makes you feel great and blessed along with that lets you be humble and thankful for good attributes in your life. It helps in keeping motivated, augment mental and physical health. Medical science affirms the power of gratitude as a part of positive thinking.

Here we share five simple tips for a healthier life with the power of gratitude. These practices are easy to incorporate into your daily life and ensures peace of mind and stability in life.

1. Be Thankful For the Things You May Take For Granted

We are blessed with many things in life, which bestow comfort, happiness, and wellbeing to us. Those are conferred by our family, friends, and overall by God. At times, we take these blessings for granted and never compare ourselves with those who are deprived of such happiness. We take up negative aspect by counting what is absent in life.

If we dedicate one minute time in a day, count the happiness or comfort we can enjoy, and be thankful for same then it invokes positive energy in us. This feeling of gratitude gives satisfaction, improves mental and physical health.

Similarly, we have many good people in the family and acquaintances. Their company helps us to keep happy, learn good lessons, prosper in life, and get support whenever required.

We must be thankful for those treasures of our life. Must be humble, keep a positive gesture for them, and revert them on good terms. This enhances the value of life.

2. Start or End Your Day with Thankfulness

A positive beginning of the day keeps one motivated, energized and focus on the larger aspect of life. Therefore, we must begin our day by thanking God for all blessings and good aspects of our life.

Similarly, we must also end our day, i.e. before going to bed we should recall all good things that have happened to us; our success, progress, happiness, etc. The sense of satisfaction and happiness creates a good impact on our cognitive or mental health and helps to keep the body well.

We are one with the universe so whatever we reflect we attract the same. Hence, such thankfulness or gratitude makes an overall good impact on us.

3. Keep a Gratitude Journal

Penning down your thoughts or translating thoughts into words deepens happiness, makes one aware of details and also creates a positive emotional impact.

Hence, keeping a gratitude journal is a very important and effective step to keep yourself healthy, happy, and motivated.

Another reason for it being beneficial is when we write down something we focus on it and think profoundly. When such feelings remain scattered in thoughts we don’t analyse them well as we do while writing.

4. Find Gratitude in Your Challenges

To overcome a challenge is often very difficult. Therefore, it sometimes demotivates us and diverts our attention. We often feel like moving away from it. However, if we find positive aspects in our challenges, and count on how the challenge can benefit our success and development. Finding out such points to be grateful or show gratitude amongst some decisive situation arises positive energy and energizes you to face the challenge.

5. Practice Mindfulness

This is one of the most effective methods to relax the mind and get relief from stress. It is a kind of meditation or intensely focusing on your senses and feelings without judging them. It involves controlling breathe, conceive guided images, and relax the mind and body.

Practicing mindfulness and being thankful for all those good things in your life enhances happiness and wellbeing.

To keep up your positive thinking read our upcoming blogs and share them with your friend and family to spread happiness.

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