How to Say No: 7 Powerful Tips

At times saying NO to something that you disapprove from your heart is important than saying Yes half-heartedly. It is often difficult when the request comes from your near or dear ones. However, for your self-esteem and interest saying NO is good. Here we will share some powerful tips on how to say NO confidently without any regret or guilt feelings.

Focus on Positive Aspects

When you feel embarrassed after saying no to someone’s request or demand then you may feel down or upset. To keep up your motivation focus on the positive aspects that can benefit your self.

It may sound selfish, however, we have to stand for ourselves. Prioritise what is important, and make the strategy of your moves based on the situation.

Stand out for Yourself

When you will be strong on your point then only you can pursue the world. Therefore stand out for yourself and there is no wrong in comforting yourself and your family.

In order to do that, if you hurt anybody in the process by answering as no, then it is not wrong. Although, you need to be judicious, prudent, and take a firm decision.

Voice your Thoughts

To voice your thoughts you have to be bold. And that is nothing wrong. Often people will push you to say yes for serving their interest, however, saying them yes, hiding disapproval of your mind is not a healthy process. It is better to express your thoughts clearly and transparently.

Positive Way of Expression

When to take up the positive aspect of presenting negative things it automatically takes a positive turn. The positive approach is very powerful in itself. Hence, applying it can reduce the obscured feelings for saying no.

You May Refer a Better Fit

If you cannot accomplish someone purpose or request then say no to him/her. But help them with reference or suggestion so that the work can be done even without your involvement.

This will help to keep both sides in a win-win condition. And you won’t feel down any more.

Don’t Attempt to Please Everyone

You can’t please everybody in the world. There is always some situation, which will not let you be successful in pleasing every person you come across. Focus on the priorities of your life, and just for sake of someone’s request,you can’t bear all the pain.

Value your Self Esteem

When you cannot say No to any request then in the process of pleasing the world you lose your self-esteem and peace of mind.

To keep up your self-esteem and security you have to say no to the unfavourable situation without any hesitation. All works in life have both positive and negative aspects. You can boost the motivation if take up the positive side.

Staying positive and finding goodness in everything is an art of living. Self-defence and security is no offence. Rather one of the most important factors that you have to handle with care.

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