How to Let Go: 5 Steps to Move On and Feel Less Pain

Past is a lesson that lets us grow and embellish the future. However, holding back the past and regretting or felling down in your present is a negative perspective that holds back your growth and mental peace. Hence, we must let go and move on so that the pain vanishes away and we can live a meaningful life with happiness and gratification. Here are 5 easy steps to let go and feel less pain. It’s nothing difficult! All you need is just the right perspective.

How Letting Go Can Benefit You?

If you can analyze why letting go is important and how it can benefit you then you will make it a practice to ease yourself and give peace to your mind. Contemporarily, many of us get advice from the doctor to relieve our stress as it majorly contributes to our ailments. One of the most important reasons behind stress is that we hold back our problems and painful experiences, which corrodes us gradually. Benefits of letting go are:

  1. When you let go or forget any unwanted or negative situation your revengeful mind or pain of regret calms down and you feel relaxed.
  2. By not holding back an unfavourable situation you keep your mind and body open to a new opportunity, a new chance to live a healthy and happy life and to merge forward.
  3. With a healthy body and stress-less mind you support your biological system and metabolic process to maintain its normal process thus keeping away ailments, boosting immunity system, and augmenting mental, physical, and career growth.

Acceptance of Situation

Sometimes we come across situations, which we cannot accept. Although we cannot do anything to recover or give it a positive turn yet we cannot accept it as well. We keep ourselves surrounded by fear, ego and helplessness.

We have to remember that there are many circumstances, which are beyond control. Hence, the only way is to accept and let go.

Life is like a cycle where the day comes after every night. If you have the strength to move on no worst situation can put you down. Break out your fences of fear and never limit your spirit.


Forgiveness can give you eternal peace and also help to rectify the person whom you are forgiving. To forgive you have to let go. If you cannot forgive it will arise violence. This violence may not manifest as an act of brutality, however, can diminish your mental peace and physical wellbeing. Therefore, to let go you have to forgive yourself, others, and situations.

Focus on Positive Attributes

If you cannot let go of a negative situation or someone’s wrong deed then you will overlook the positive attributes and good opportunities in your life. Let go and focus on constructive matters that you can influence and bring a good turn.

Negativity, grudges, violence, and regret make your vision oblivion to positive aspects of life. Therefore, you must let go, forgive and focus on positive attributes.

Move on to Forget the Pain

If something pains you and you are helpless to reduce it then the only way is to let it go and move on. Be it an incomplete relation or an unreached goal either perceive it from a positive aspect or let it go. Move on and feel relaxed. Take yourself through a new beginning and give yourself another chance to make your dream come true.

The Take Home

Always keep yourself happy. No matter whatever is the situation! Undoubtedly, doing this is difficult. We all know that practice makes a man perfect. Hence, practice to Let Go and live a meaningful happy life.

We endeavour to keep you motivated to live life to its highest extend. We hope you find it meaningful and beneficial. To read our upcoming content keep a look at this space.

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